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Vancouver Adventure: Part 3

I promised a tutorial using the new Makeup Forever Artist palette Volume 1, so here it is.

(Please note that you do not have to use the same shadows as I am. If you have similar colours by all means, use those! I would love to see your spin on this look!!)

I applied my base regularly. Meaning I slapped on some foundation, highlighted/concealed my under eye area, powdered and threw on some highlighter and finished with a blush. I also fooled around with some different lip options as well. I started with a purple, went to a nude, and ended up going with a bright orange-red. Boom! Awesome face.

I used the Makeup Forever palette for my sister’s graduation, so I wanted a neutral eye for the most part but not anything too boring. Here is what I came up with…

Vancouver July 7

And here comes the surprise….. eyes open…..

Vancouver July 7.1

A pop of mint green in the water line! The lip gloss I am wearing is the Urban Decay Highgloss Lipgloss in Vice.

To show you how I got this look, here is a reminder of what the eyeshadow palette looks like….

For convenience, I will number the shadows one through nine. One being the top Left hand shadow (lightest yellow) and going across, then down, nine being the last shadow on the Right bottom corner (copper).

IMG_6687Let us begin.

  1. I started by applying shadow 1 (light yellow) with a fluffy brush all over my lid to make blending easier.
  2. Then with a smaller, dense, dome brush I buffed shadow 4 (grey/brown) into my crease, using round, rainbow shaped strokes, concentrating the colour to the outer 1/3 of my lid.
  3. Then with the same brush I picked up Shadow 9 (copper) and buffed that on top of Shadow 4 to create depth.
  4. For even more depth and definition I took a smaller dome brush and buffed shadow 7 (black) into the very corner of my outer crease.
  5. I then went back in with the fluffy brush I used at the beginning to blend everything together.
  6. I left the centre and inner corner of my eye free of colour, except for that shadow 1 I used at the beginning.
  7. For my lower lash line, I took a small definer brush and buffed Shadow 7 (Black) from inner to outer corner, staying close to the base of my lashes.
  8. With the same definer brush I took Shadow 9 (copper) and smoked out my lower lash line, diffusing the black.
  9. I then went in with a brown liquid eyeliner (Hemingway Ink Liner by Kat Von D) and flicked a decent sized wing.
  10. Then I took the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof liner in Mint Julep and lined my waterline for a pop of colour. (You could tight line with this colour as well, along your top lash line, but my eyes water really bad when I do this, and I did not want to have a disaster…. so I didn’t.)
  11. To finish I placed a couple of coats of mascara on both top and bottom lashes. I used Lights Camera Lashes by Tarte.

And there you have it! I also noticed that most of my eye looks are using these cool tone shades, so I promise to do something completely different next time. I really want to play with my other Stila liner, that electric blue one, so we will see what I come up with! Any suggestions? Comment below!

Like I said previously, this look is nothing too dramatic, but it’s not your everyday look either. If you like this look, please comment I would love to hear your feedback. Also, here are the other two lip options for this eye look. Which one do you like best?

The lip colour on the top is M.A.C’s Kinda Sexy. And the look on the bottom is NARS Audacious Lipstick in Lana. I think Lana was my favourite colour option, I love that orange. This look is fairly neutral, so you can pretty much pair it with any lip colour you want. It’s nice to have that versatility.

Vancouver July 7.2

Vancouver July 7.3

p.s: Isn’t my sister Bee-yoo-tee-ful! Gosh I love that kid! Her eyes though!!!

Until next time!

XO Breanna


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