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Be Beautiful with Drug Store Products! 

So my friend came over today and she let me do her make up with all drugstore products!!! That’s right, you can pick up all these products (hopefully) in your local drugstore! Hurrah!!

Here is a before and after of my wonderful friend Rose:

Top is the before. Bottom left, is an after in natural lighting. Bottom right, is an after with warm incandescent lighting. Rose is beautiful with and without make up! Oh and by the way, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, on Rose’s lashes in the before picture!!! Aren’t they crazy full and dark!! 

Here are the products I used:

  • First I had Rose apply a NYX photo loving primer.
  • I then applied the Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation with a beauty sponge by Sephora (by the way this was my first time trying this foundation, and I have to say so far so good. It lasted the entire evening, it was a nice natural finish and it felt light on the skin. Very impressed. I will try it out myself later today!)
  • I then highlighted Rose’s face with a Maybelline Fit Me Foundation stick that was a few shades lighter than Rose’s actual skin tone. (She’s been camping, and basting herself in the sun. But She promises me she has been wearing sunscreen! Because no one wants age spots and Hyper-pigmentation! Thank You Just A Blush.)
  • I set the base with Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. This was quite nice, it set the foundation without getting cakey. No one likes a cake face. So that was a bonus. Marlene from Makeup Geek uses this powder all the time!!! SO I thought we would give it a try. Rose loved it, so she’s keeping it! Ha!
  • Using a soft grey eyeshadow from a  Quo cosmetics palette, I smoked out Rose’s eyes lightly. I didn’t want anything too dramatic. And all I literally used was grey. Rose’s eyes are amaze-balls so she needed nothing else. Unfortunately you cannot get this Quo Palette anymore so I didn’t include a picture. BUT here is Quo’s website, they might have something similar on there… The palette I used was similar to this one here
  • I finished the eyes with a small wing of liquid eyeliner by Wet N’ Wild. The colour I used was Black/Brown. The only negative about this product is that it takes a long time to dry. If Rose opened her eyes too soon, all the liner would transfer to her upper lid: not cool!  That being said, this liner has super staying power. It was not coming off for anything. And that is something I like. I want my liner to stay in place all day!
  • For cheeks, I used a warm golden colour from the same Quo palette I used for her eyes, it had a nice shimmer to it as well so it doubled as a nice highlight. I popped this colour over her cheeks, temples, and the underside of her chin to warm up her complexion.
  • I finished the look with a soft pink lipstick from Kate by Rimmel.
  • And for mascara I had Rose use one of her favorites she already had!

Here is the finished look again as we headed out for high tea with the Grandmother!

See you soon!



P.s Let me know if you like seeing makeup done on other people…. I have a mature skin routine lined up with one of my Aunts. She was dying to be on here…. Leave comments below! Please!


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