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Get Faced in 5 Minutes! 

Busy in the mornings? Think your too busy to get the perfect day look in 5 minutes? Nonsense!!! Of course you can look fabulous in five! You just need 5 products:


  • A tinted BB cream (I used Tart BB Tinted Treatment 12 hr primer)
  • A concealer (Maybelline Fit Me Concealer)
  • Translucent face powder (Tarte Smooth Operator Pressed Setting Powder)
  • Your favourite mascara (Too Faced Better Than Sex)
  • Tinted lip balm (Escents Shimmer Balm in Berry Tint)

These are the products I use when getting ready for a busy day at work…

Always start your day with your skin prepped and ready to go. That means have a clean, toned, and moisturized face. And I don’t mean toned as in you just did face exercises, I mean use a toner please. It really helps.  The moisturizer I like to use is by The Body Shop. It is there Vitamin E  Illuminating Cream Moisturizer. This sucker leaves a fabulous pearlized finish to your skin. There are no sparkles, no glitter, just lovely illuminated skin. It not super noticeable, but I love it. And it smells like roses. Hello! Who doesn’t like the smell of roses?

  • Now massage that tinted BB cream into your face with your fingers. The heat from your hands will hIMG_7048elp emulsify the product, blending it seamlessly. Really work the product into where you think you need the most coverage. This will help cut down on the time spent using concealer.
  • Then go in and place your concealer where you think it’s needed most. I used concealer under my eyes in a triangle shape, in between my eyebrows (I get red there during the day), and on my chin. Blend this in using a beauty sponge if you have one. The sponge will give wonderful coverage while absorbing excess product. You won’t look like cake face, I promise.
  • Next up! Set your base! Go in with a translucent powder, any one you like best will do just fine, and set everything using a nice fluffy brush. Don’t forget to powder under your eyes or you will get creasing. At least I do anyway.
  • Almost done! Go in with your mascara and coat your lashes!! The secret to an easy daytime look is big lashes and fresh skin. I did two coats of mascara on my lashes. Boom: fabulous wide eyes!
  • (An extra step that you can do, that doesn’t take too much time, is to brush your brows through with a spoolie. It helps to comb your brows and gives a more polished look.)
  • Lastly, wash away any foundation that might be sitting on your lips. I HATE “concealer lips!” Foundation or concealer on your lips will just cake up under your lip products and look disgusting. At least this is what happens to me. So I wash it away with a soft cloth. Apply your tinted lip balm and your good to go!! The Escent shimmer balm that I use is amazing, I have them in three different colours. Berry (red) tint, Ruby (Dark burgundy) Tint and Rose (Light pink) Tint. They leave your lips so soft, they smell like raspberries and the colour is super soft yet noticeable! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this lip balm!
  •   Here is a before and after of this simple 5 minutes look:

However, if you IMG_7056have some extra time, one way to make this look even more fabulous…. ADD SOME HIGHLIGHT!! I used M.A.C Soft and Gentle over the high points of my face. So cheek bones, nose, above eyebrow, and chin. I recommend you try this, you will love it. Everyone likes to look beautiful and glowing during the day! And it only takes an extra 20-30 seconds (if that) to apply this product. Can you se my excitement for a highlight! Haha!

See you soon!

XO Breanna.


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