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Where Have I Been?!

Hello cyber family!!IMG_7176

Sorry for the delay in posting! I have been back in Vancouver with my sister (Just A Blush) and we have been super busy. Daniel (the boy) came with me this time and we have been having a blast.

Here is what I have been up too this past week:

We went to the Imagine Dragons Smoke and Mirrors Concert: amazing!!! Halsey and Metric headlined for Imagine Dragons, both were fantastic! The energy in that place was insane!! You cannot beat live music!! The best!

Then we hit up Bard on the Beach to see Love’s Labour’s Lost. I absolutely love Shakespeare plays! If you have a hard time with Shakespeare, seeing his plays live is so much better than trying to read them. Everything is enunciated the way it’s meant to be and it’s much easier to understand. If you haven’t seen a live play I highly suggest you do. They are fantastic! 

IMG_7237IMG_7230We also stopped at the Vancouver Aquarium. I love that place. We were able to catch a 4D movie about sea monsters. (They have a new sea monster exhibit right now, very interesting!)

The 4D movie was insane. Wind, water, and bubbles in your face, weird rubber tubing slithering against your feet to simulate fish swimming around you and crazy things jabbing you in the back when critters got attacked in the movie!!!! (It didn’t hurt, but it catches you by surprise!) I definitely recommend going to this!! 

The above picture is that of a shark. To be more specific the cartilage skeleton of a shark. Apparently sharks don’t have ribs!! Or much bone at all for that matter. Fascinating!!

IMG_7365Who doesn’t like jellyfish!! They are mesmerizing!!!

We also went to the Vancouver Art Gallery. They were displaying an exhibit from a  Glasgow museum! It was all paintings from Italian artists that dated back to 1375!!! (If I remember correctly.)

The exhibit is called Of Heaven and Earth. It was truly awe-inspiring.  I have never seen paintings so detailed! To the point where fabric on dresses looked real! I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately we were unable to take pictures of the paintings,so I can’t show you how incredible they were. But trust me when I say a picture is worth a thousand words.

We did however wander through another exhibit that left us speechless. And I’m not sure if that’s good or not. It was…interesting to say the least. Very modern haha. Nothing really made sense to me, it was all kind of mismatched/hodgepodge of everything.

One whole room was filled, and I mean filled, with tiny itty bitty cut outs of everything you could imagine. I admire the skill it must have taken to cut them all out however. I was never good with arts and crafts….

And another room was filled with tiny puppet things made from bits of cloth and their limbs and features were made from a variety of animal cut outs. ( All made from paper again.)

Here is what I mean:

Hard to describe, I know. Like I said interesting to say the least.

I head back to Alberta today, back to the grind stone tomorrow unfortunately. But that does mean more regular postings!!

Let me know if you have any specific tutorials you would like to see!




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