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Smoked Out: Pink!

Just because someone says “smokey eye” doesn’t mean it has to be done with blacks and browns. Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats a classic smokey eye. I love them! But what about other colours… say pink perhaps? People can be scared by pinks or blues or greens. There is no reason to be, you just have to use them responsibly.  I promise you will not come out looking like a 5 year old found your makeup bag.

Here is my interpretation of a pink smokey eye.

Eyes Closed:

August 18- Finished

Eyes Open:

August 18-Face

It’s soft yet still strong. Just because it’s a “smokey” eye doesn’t mean it has to be super intense. You get that pop of pink in the outer “V” of your eye and along the lower lash line. This look can be interchanged to suit whatever pop of colour you are feeling. Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Purple, whatever you feel like that day!

The key is to use neutral colours through the crease and a neutral to help smoke out the colour of choice along the lower lash line. A colour that is not too warm, and not too cold will help to pull everything together. That way whatever bright colour you choose never fails to look great.


For this look I used the Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe (again). I love this palette. It has all the colours one could ever want. Cool tones, warm tones, shimmers and matte shades. It’s brilliant. If you have not tried Morphe Shadows I highly recommend them. They are super affordable and the quality is superb. The shadows are creamy, blend easily and are extremely pigmented. And yet, I don’t see that many people talking about this palette…. Maybe I just don’t know enough people! Ha!

Here are the exact shadows I used:

August 18-ShadowsI used the top three browns to define my crease. Blend, blend, blend. I layered them lightest to darkest. This will help create depth to the eye. I went in with the Bottom Left shadows to define my crease and deepen my outer “V”. Blend, blend, blend.  I then buffed the matte pink in the middle column over my outer “V” and through my lower lash line. Blend, blend, blend. I took the top pink colour in the middle column to help buff out my lower lash line. To soften the pink shadows just slightly on my lower lash line, I took the lightest brown and buffed that over everything. Blend, blend blend.  I then took a flat shader brush and packed on the foiled champagne colour to the centre of my lid. I finished with a winged liner and a couple layers of mascara.


Completed look.

Let me know what you guys think!




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