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Top 3: Highlighters. 

I have another instalment of my Top 3 favourites. Since I am obsessed with highlighting/strobing I thought it would be fitting to give my top 3 favourite highlighters! I go nuts over these things. (Not going to lie, I probably go overboard with them… just a smidge.)

Keep in mind that these highlighters might not work for all skin tones as I am so fair. BUT I assure you that the products I mention come in other shades that are sure to fit your personal style.

IMG_7823From Left to right:

Note: The Too faced Candlelight powder is no longer available at Sephora but you can get a similar product in a duo with a soft pink.

Close ups:

  • M.A.C Mineralized Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle- This is one of my all time favourite highlighters ever. EVER! I live for this highlight. I have very fair skin and even though this looks rather peachy it comes off as the most beautiful highlight. It literally is soft and gentle. It’s not as intense as some can be. (Not that there is anything wrong with an intense highlight.) But if you want something very natural this is the highlight for you. Bonus! It’s build-able (to a degree) Just a pinch of it will look very subtle and sweet but if you layer it you can achieve that “See-it-from-outer-space” highlight. IMG_7836

 P.s can you see that cat hair?! I swear. I can’t get away from them! Bennet is everywhere!

  • Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz- Now this highlight may seem like an overkill blush in the package but it isn’t! It is such a soft and illuminating pigment when applied. Some people might not like the lack of colour pay off, but I do. I like to control how much pigment I apply to my face and this product is amazing. It is very build able, you can make the colour more intense if wanted. It is such a pretty dusty rose colour that just makes you look naturally flushed, so it’s nice for an everyday look. I really enjoy this highlight. You can wear it alone or paired with other products and either way, it’s going to look great. I assure you.IMG_7830

The tone of this highlight is very similar to Soft and Gentle but it definitely gives off more of a dusty pink colour. Soft and gentle is more golden.

  • Too Faced Candlelight Pressed Powder- This product is meant to be a setting powder, now if you want to look like a disco ball then yes, it would be perfect. I do not use it like a setting powder however. It is a highlight. Plain and simple. It was very hard for me to get an accurate representation of how this product looks. In the package it looks white. Like a regular, everyday translucent setting powder. Kinda, boring to be honest. BUT SURPRISE! When applied the white cast disappears and you are left with the most magical golden glow I have ever laid eyes on. It is super nice for fair skin, and it would probably look divine on darker skin tones because of the golden reflect. I hope you can see how wonderful it is in this picture….IMG_7834

Here are what the three highlights look like when swatched on my fingers….


Left to right is Too Faced Candlelight Pressed Powder, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and M.A.C Soft and Gentle. (See how ugly the too faced highlight looks when not blended??? All chalky and cakey. Jokes on you ’cause its one of the best highlighters I have!)

Until next time,




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