All Things Beauty

The One and Only…

Friends keep asking me what my go to product is.

Something I cannot live without.

The one product that I absolutely need.

That one and only item I would need during a zombie apocalypse.

Which is a really hard question to answer… I have a top three essential item list that I probably could not live without, so I guess I will just pick my number one…


I think mascara can make or break a look. Just about every eye look is 100% better with mascara. Mascara takes you from a slumbering beast to a wide eyed bambi.


Just like that.

You can wear mascara alone, with just a moisturizer, or with a full face of make up and it never looks bad. And I find, no matter what your skin looks like…acne, blemishes, scars, whatever… no one is going to notice those (im)perfections if your eyes are dazzling them. (most of the time, some people can be complete jerks…. no matter what… just as long as you are not one of them…)

Besides, have you ever seen a pair of displeasing eyes?


It’s impossible.

I bet if you went out with a naked face, only wearing mascara, at least one person would compliment your eyes.

Right now my favourite go-to mascara is the Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte.

Sept 24 Mascara

This mascara gives really good lift and separation (like your favourite bra, but for your face…) and adds volume to my lashes. So that is why I think it is my never-go-without, if-I-only-could-use-one-product pick.

My second and third choices would be:

2. Face and Body Foundation (This particular foundation…nothing else can top my all time favourite foundation.)

3. Concealer (Current favourite is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer.)

Be Back Soon!




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