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 First ever step by step picture tutorial!

This was a get ready with me picture instalment. My hair is a wet mess and everything! Boy, you guys are lucky I kinda like you!!

Lets get straight into it shall we? MMKAY!

Step one:

I primed my face with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal. You may use whatever primer you like best.

(I also don’t think this Becca product is actually a primer, but that’s how I use it and it seems to work. So HA! Also ignore the semi craptastic pictures, my lighting this morning was being evil.)


Step 2:

Foundation. Apply which ever foundation is your favourite. I am using the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. This stuff is awesome!!! It’s not cakey, or heavy, and a little goes a long way. One pump does my whole face. AMAZE BALLS!


Step Three:

Conceal (Don’t feel… hehehe Frozen anyone? No, just me? Alright, moving on.)

I apply concealer under my eyes down the sides of my nose and on the middle of my forehead. I get red along the sides of my nose, on my forehead, and chin. So conceal where you think you need it most. Do what works for you. Today I used the Urban Decay Weightless Naked Concealer. It is amazing. Again a little goes along way. What’s on my face was one application of the wand. I did not pick up more product from the tube. I also blend this out with a beauty sponge. Thee best way to apply concealer. Amen.


Step 4:

Powder. Set all your hard work with a translucent powder. This ensures you won’t have any creasing under your eyes or in places where your face moves with expressions. I used the Tarte Smooth Operator Powder (And yes I do sing Sade’s song while applying it. It helps.)

IMG_8204Step 5:

Bronzer. Bronze/contour your cheek bones. Carve those baby’s out. I start at the top of my ear and blend down. But not too far, you don’t want to look like you have a beard. Unless that is what your going for. SCIENCE NERD ALERT: If you start at your tempro-mandibular junction (Where your jaw actually joins together) you should be at the right spot to start contouring.


Step 6:

Blush! Apply your favourite blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend backwards, into your contour. Everything should look like it morphs from each other. Today I used  M.A.C’s Style. It is a super nice peachy pink that looks good on everyone!


Step 7:

HIGHLIGHT!!!!! I need I say more? I put that crap everywhere… (control yourself if you can.) Apply highlighter to the high points of your face. As in the tops of your cheek bones, your nose, tip of your chin and just above your brow bone. I have been using Champagne Pop. Made by Becca, created by Jaclyn Hill. BUT there are many other good highlights out there. Even a shimmery pale eyeshadow will do the trick.

Sept 26

Step 8:

Brows. Fill them in, brush them out, make them longer. Whatever you need to do to your brows do them now. I just enhance my arch and brush them through. I am lucky, I have nice full brows. I use the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Dark Brown.



Moving onto eyes!

Step 1 and 2:

Start with a soft base colour. Preferably matte. It should be close to your skin tone. With a semi fluffy brush, buff this into your crease. This will help other shadows blend out nicer. (Shown in top two pictures.) Then take a slightly darker shade, in the colour family that you want to actually play with. Shown in bottom two pictures. (If you want to play up blue pick a grey, if you want to play up gold pick a warm brown, if you want to play up purple pick a mauve, which I have done here.)


Step 3 and 4:

With that same brush take an even darker shade (of the colour family you are planning on using) and buff this into the outer V of your eye. This deepens your eye shape, and adds depth. (Top two pictures.) Now you could stop here add liner and mascara and be on your way. OR you could add a little pop of something else. I took a very shimmery sliver-purple and packed this all over my lid with a dense flat shader brush. (Bottom two pictures.) Don’t forget to blend your crease colours with your lid colour. So take that original brush and buff back and forth in your crease to soften the edges of where your lid colour meets yours crease.


Step 5 and 6:

Take that second colour you used in your cease and buff that along your lower lash line. This step is not necessary, I just like how it looks on me.

Pop on some liner, wing it out as much as you like, or not at all. Again, do what you like best on your face; your eye shape.

IMG_8212Step 7 and 8:

Add your favourite mascara, a couple coats will do. Then finish with your lips.

I used two different lip colours for this look. The first was more neutral, playing off the purple with a grey toned lipstick. The second played off the purple with a deeper fuchsia. (which I had to get by mixing two of the lipsticks I already had. SCIENCE. It’s everywhere.)

The neutral lipstick is Underground by Gerard Cosmetics. And the fuchsia colour is a mix of Poe and Lullaby by Kat Von D.


And with a wave of my magic wand….

Finished Sept 26

I got dressed and did my hair! Ready to conquer the day! Hope you are too!

Let me know if you liked this get ready with me tutorial.




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