All Things Beauty

Finally: Fall!

First let us take a moment to admire how positively purrrfect my feline friend is… Benny you are somethin’ special.

Just look at that face, those eyes, that fluff, that nose, those whiskers.


I just can’t.

Back to make up!


Basically, for fall, you can wear whatever the heck you want on your face. There are no rules, really. I mean even if there was, I wouldn’t follow them. BUT fall does mean that you can get away with BOLD eyes and BOLD lips. Which is my favourite!!!

Whoop! Whoop!

The other day I used warm tone golds and coppers with a pop of deep green on my lower lash line. I kept eyeliner to a minimum because I wanted the pop of green to really stand out. I kept my skin fairly neutral, really played up the glow (because we all know I am heavy-handed with the highlight…) and used a deep burgundy on my lips. Here is how it turned out…


Another close up….



For the most part I used Morphe shadows on my lids (The Jacyln Hill Palette) with a loose gold glitter pigment thing from Naked Cosmetics. On my lips I used Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick in Cherry Cordial. To die for! I love that colour. For a highlight I used Champagne Pop (naturally) from Becca by Jaclyn Hill (See a theme here? Girl Crush. Not gunna deny it.)

There will be more fall looks coming soon!




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