Story Time

Book Club Selections: September


So for the month of September we were supposed to read the ultimate classic:

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. 

I semi-cheated this month and did not finish the novel completely… tsk, tsk, I know. Shame on me, I failed book club. I let down the handful of members that were involved in our meeting. Le sigh…. I just couldn’t get into it.


I have read this before and seen the movie multiple times. That being said it is an epic novel and the movie adaption is pretty good as well. The themes hidden within the covers of this novel are brilliant. There are moral values, anti racism, being non judgemental towards people, anti bullying, coming of age and so much more. I really suggest that everyone reads this at least once in their life.

September Book Pick

Without giving too much away (if you have zero background knowledge on this book) the story follows young Scout and her older brother Jem as they grow up living with a Lawyer for a Father, (Atticus) who’s biggest case is defending a black man who is accused of sexually assaulting a young white woman. Very intense topic, for sure. There are side plots here and there including the rumours of Boo Radley, their mysterious neighbour who never leaves the confines of his house and is said to be locked away in a basement to keep him from eating naughty children in the night!

There are lots of laughs following these two hooligans and lots of real life situations that many people can relate too. It is, like they call it, a Classic. The movie adaption is rather good. I really like it. It is black and white and I think that is what makes it so magical. Black and white movies are the bomb-dot-com. I love them.

Another really good black and white movie that will probably spike your interest is 12 Angry Men.


It literally takes place in a jury room as 12 men try to decide what happened in this legal case. I LOVED it. Watch it now. Stop reading this, go find it!

Good right?

Told you so…

For October, our pick for the month is called

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

No spoilers please! I am excited to read this novel, it looks very intriguing. I cannot wait to inform you guys about this book next month!

See you soon!




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