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Halloween, Anyone?

It’s finally here!!!!

Halloween Season!

 All Hallows Eve!

It’s time for dressing up…

eating candy…

Watching Hocus Pocus! 

Oh look… another glorious morning! Makes me SICK! 

If you have not watched Hocus Pocus then you are missing out on some seriously good stuff. Best Halloween movie ever. It has to be my favourite show! Go watch it! You can thank me later, I promise.

I will try to post a few different looks for you…. but today I will start with something simple. Try doing something spooky to your regular face routine! Here is what I have created for my first look. I hope you guys enjoy it!

(Keep in mind that I have never done this before… it may be craptastic….)

I started with a blue/purple smokey eyes. Like legit smokey eye… packed with dark pigments. Here are the 4 shadows I used. I started with the lightest colour first and then layered the darker colours onto to create depth. I then used a bright royal blue to smoke the colours out…

Halloween 1- Shadows

Then I took a dark navy eyeliner (I had this blue theme going, a black liner would work as well… any colour really…) and drew a spider web coming off the corner of my eyes. I finished the look by wearing a dark blue lipstick (Poe by Kat Von D)


I think a true liquid liner would create nicer lines. I don’t actually have a true liquid liner because I suck at using them, so ignore my thick lines. Again, this was my first ever attempt at this Halloween look and I think it turned out alright… I just need a different product for creating the spider webs. Any tips?

What do you think? Is there anything else you would like to see?

Until Next time!



Halloween 1- Normal


2 thoughts on “Halloween, Anyone?

  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday! And who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus? My favorite Halloween time movie is The Craft. It’s not even Halloweeny, I just seem to always end up watching it around this time of year.

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