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Glasses and Makeup: There Are No Rules

I have heard the “Don’t do this… do that,” when it comes to wearing glasses, and as a long time glasses-wearer I say…

To Heck With Rules! 

Glasses3Do your makeup the way you want to wear your makeup! You want to wear thick frame and a thin winged liner…Go Ahead. You want to wear a smokey eye with your glasses…Do It. If that’s what you like then you should do what makes you happy.

For instance… I don’t tend to put liner on my bottom lashes when I wear glasses because I think that makes my eyes look small. I want big doe eyes; that’s me. I also will wear mascara on my bottom lashes, lots of people say thats a no-no because it casts a shadow on your face. Well guess what, you have a piece of plastic across your face, its going to cast a shadow, no matter what you do.

That being said, there are some things that do make a difference.

Your brows. I do think its important to have nice brows when wearing glasses, your frames can dominate your face but with a nice grounding eyebrow it evens things out. I also think its important to conceal under your eyes to hide any dark circles you may have. Glasses tend to focus attention on your eyes (DUH) so if you have dark circles, they will get noticed. Using a salmon coloured concealer under your foundation will help to neutralize those dark shadows.  Here is a before and after with my glasses on. Honestly, I didn’t really change anything from my normal routine.


Lisa Eldridge has an awesome video about wearing glasses and make up. I really like her approach so I will link the video here.

Just to compare, here is my look with and without glasses and I think it looks nice either way.



Have fun with your glasses, it’s not just geeks who rock them anymore. They are an accessory, play with them! Don’t forget to be yourself!

Enjoy your day!




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