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Easy Halloween: Pop Art

Do you need a quick and easy Halloween costume!

No Fear, Pop Art Comic Girl is Here!! (or boy, this can easily be any gender…)

All you Need:

  • Full coverage foundation
  • Fun, bright eyeshadow of your choice (I used electric purple and black…)
  • Either face paint or NYX Jumbo Pencils in black, white, blue and another colour of your choice for a lip colour

Step One: 

  •     Apply foundation like normal. But it looks best with a full coverage face.

Step Two:

  • With either black face paint or the black NYX Jumbo pencil, draw a circle around the outside of your face.

IMG_8500Step Three:

  • With the black again, emphasize your features.
    • A line down the side of your nose, along your cheek bones, emotion lines by your brows, over your chin, down your neck, and along your collar bones.
  • You will also want to black out your brows, making them very dominate. Scary I know… But really define the arch and beginning of your brows, you are trying to look like a cartoon remember.

 Step Four:

  • Time to add the dots! With that white face paint on the end of a brush or your NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk (the white one…) polka dot your face all over and don’t forget to go down your neck. Leave your eye lids blank because you are just going to cover them in shadows anyway.


Step Five:

  • Line your lips in black, them fill them in with the colour of your choice, I used green.
  • Don’t forget to add a highlight of white on your lips. (It is easier if you leave a spot blank for the white, rather than trying to go over your lip colour with the white paint…
  • Add your fun eyeshadow all over your lid. Make sure your crease is very defined, with either a black line or black shadow.
  • Give yourself a wicked winged eyeliner
  • Tons of mascara! (Use fake one if you have them… I didn’t have any!!)

Optional Step: 

  • You can add tear drops by one of your eyes if you want to. Use a bright blue NYX Jumbo Pencil or blue face paint to draw some alligator tears on your cheek.

Finished Look


Happy Halloween!

Until Next time!



P.s I love these Halloween looks… but what do you do after??? I spent all that effort doing an awesome look, just to take it all off… Le sigh… 4 face wipes later I was back to normal… And it wasn’t nearly as fun as being in a comic… I felt like I could fight local crime and save kittens from trees!


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