All Things Beauty

Nose, Toes and Everything Inbetween. 

Here is the most random post in the history of random posts, but I need to say it…

Top 5 Reasons Why I love cats:

  1. Noses: Have you ever truly looked at a cat’s nose? Like really held them close and inspected it? It is the cutest thing on the entire planet. I have yet to meet a cat with an ugly nose. They are so tiny, and the fur on their nose is so petite and precise… Bonus: they are always soft… always.    IMG_8092 IMG_8555
  2. Toes: Kitty toes are adorable. Always. They are purr-fectly (see that I did there.. hehe) rounded, their little pads are so dainty, and they make the most charming noise when they walk. Pitter, Patter, Pitter, Patter… IMG_8543
  3. Belly: Have you ever seen a cat lay flat on its back with their round belly staring up at you? Isn’t it the most inviting thing to want to touch… whether they let you pet their belly is a different story, but it’s always so charming when they lay on their back and stare at you with big round eyes, luring you into their belly petting trap…IMG_7577IMG_7870
  4.   Eyes: I have yet to see a cat with ugly eyes. They are full of the most unique colours. Brown, green, yellow, orange, blue, grey, silver, lavender… They are never just one solid colour, Go look at your cat, your neighbour’s cat, the stray cat, go look in their eyes, you will definitely see more than one colour. I guarantee it. They have the most beautiful eyes, I think, of all creatures. There is so much knowledge there as well… probably all about how to take over the world…IMG_8084
  5. Attitude: Cat have some serious attitude and personality. Have you ever met a boring cat? No. Not even the old ones, the ones that just want to sleep all day… Even they have a sassy old man/old lady attitude. I really want to know what goes on inside their heads… Like how often do they curse at us, roll their eyes at us, think we are totally useless… Probably a lot… Catitude…They have it. Like look at Benny’s face… I am positive his speech bubble would say “Please tell this insufferable human that this is not my good side…”


While Gus here is saying “Yaaaasss! This lighting is superb. Smize, Human, Smize at the camera, work your angles!”


I love cats, inside and out. Please share your cat pictures with me, if you possess the same love for cats that I do. I would also like to thank Bennet and Augustus for being my kitty models, you two boys are very, very handsome.

Until Next Time,


Breanna, Bennet and Augustus


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