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Book Club Selections: October

So the Book Club pick for the month of October was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

October Book Club

I burned through this book. I finished it within 3 days, and that is fast for me.

This novel is another dystopian setting with a twist. It includes magic (of a sort)!! Which I love. I cannot resist a good magic book. I highly recommend you read it. It is quite good, caught my attention with the first chapter, was a real page turner and most of all, an easy read. Have you ever had one of those novels where people rave about it and you can barely get through the first 10 pages because the writing is OVERLY wordy. Like the author had a bout of thesaurus diarrhea? Well this book isn’t like that at all.

The story followed Mare Barrow who is considered a Red, a normal human. In her world she is governed by an elite group of Silvers. (I think they are hinting that Silvers are corrupt angels?? I am not entirely sure, they are “gods” of some degree, but it doesn’t really go into detail about the origin of them…) Long story short, Silvers treat Reds like garbage, thinking they are no better than slaves. Events happen, situations take place and Mare Barrow finds herself with a unique (or is it? dun, dun, duh!!) ability never before beheld by a Red. This gets her into a sticky situation and she ends up smack dab in the middle of the Silver Court. She has to pretend to be one of them in an attempt to hide her secret! There is also a rebellion group stirring the pot and you can’t trust anyone! Lies are thrown around like crazy!

“Anyone can betray anyone.”

The above quote is said numerous times throughout the novel. Sneaky, sneaky…. MUAHAHAHAHAHA

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, because I really enjoyed this book. There is a sequel, not yet out, and I do believe it is called Glass Sword. Looking forward to continuing Mare’s story!

Our November title has not been selected yet as our next meeting isn’t until November 4th. But I will be sure to update you on the next novel selection! If there is anything you would like to recommend, by all means, please say so! Suggest away!

Until Next Time,


Book Club Breanna



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