Story Time

My Disappearance

I have one word for you folks.



It has sucked me in and taken over my life. Because of that I have been absent from the blogging side of things.  I am sorry.

I have dedicated my life for the month of November to writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Yes that is write (puns are my favourite) fifty thousand words in 30 short days. That works out to just under 1,700 words a day. Which doesn’t sound very hard until you actually have to do it.

Some days you write 5,000 words in an hour. Some days you just sit and stare at your blank screen counting how many times that little writing line blinks in a minute. It is a very unforgiving process.

What does  50K words look like in novel format you might ask. Well I have the answer. It is about the same length as The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (which you have to read if you haven’t already.).

So if any of you are wondering what has happened to me, well the answer is simple… I have been lost to the literary journey that is writing a complete novel in a month. No big deal…

NaNoWriMo is a hard and challenging tasks, and it strips you of your social life. BUT IT IS WORTH IT. I participated last year and I actually have a full fledged, functioning, worth-getting-published novel that I absolutely love. But this year I am working on a new project and I hope I can finish it like the last novel. If you would like to lean more about NaNoWriMo you can find the link to their site here…

I will try to get some “regular” posts up soon.

Until Next Time




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