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Five Favourites: Novels

I thought I would start a little series on my blog called Five Favourites. As the title suggests, I will list 5 of my favourite things whether it be deodorants, shampoos, candles, foods, drinks, movies and so on.

For this month I wanted to start with 5 of my favourite novels (including series). This lists will (probably) change as I continue to read. But to start with, here are 5 of my all time favourite novels:

The Sight- 5 fav

This has to be one of the few books I have actually read more than once. It is a total fantasy adventure, fully equipped with magic and talking animals. I absolutely love this novel. It has a companion novel called Fire Bringer that you can either read before or after The Sight and it is epic as well.

Beautiful Disaster- 5 Fav

This book caught my attention right away. I devoured this novel. Not to mention I had a instant fangirl crush on the main character Travis Maddox. (I still have a crush on him.) It is your typical cheesy, romance, good-girl-falls-for-bad-boy, dramatic, corny read. And I ate it up.

The Luxe- 5 Fav

If you like Gossip Girl, then you will love this series. Scandal, drama, mystery and suspense is what you will find in this turn-of-the-century sega. There are 4 book in total and every one of them is magnificent. It took me a while to get into the first one, but I guarantee it will impress. Also the cover art on these novels are by far the prettiest things I have ever seen.

blue bloods- 5 fav

It’s about vampires…. can you tell? Ha! This series tells the vampire story in a whole new light and it is by far my favourite rendition of the myth. No frilly, sparkly, froo froo crap. (Not hating on Twilight because I loved that series too but Blue Bloods is way better…) There are 7 book in the series plus a bunch of spin off novels (these I have not read, but plan too) and they are to die for (no pun intended). They are sexy, mysterious, dangerous, smart and witty. These are a must read!! DO IT!

bitten- 5 fav

Anything by Kelley Armstrong is automatically something I read. I love this author. She is amazing. The characters in Woman of the Otherworld are so bad ass. As you might have guessed, these are supernatural “horror” novels so vampires, witches, werewolves, necromancers unite!

Every main character is a woman (obviously) and they are very strong, independent, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer type personalities. I also like that most of the time the main characters never need a man to come same them, which I find refreshing. (Apparently, Bitten was turned into a TV show on Space, I have not watched it, so don’t judge the booked based on the TV show. I assure you, the books are amazing.)

I will warn young readers that these books are classified as Adult Horror. Although they are not scary, they are a little saucy, a little smutty… so caution. The author has done some YA series (ex: The Darkest Powers or The Darkness Rising) for a younger audience and they do not disappoint!

Kelley Armstrong writes a very fast paced, captivating storyline that has you wanting more. There are a bazillion books in the Woman of the Otherworld series, each once focussing on a different character and each one of them is equally alluring. All of them are must-reads for sure.


What are your favourite novels/series of all time (for now)?

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