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Five Favourites: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Whaddya know! A favourites list of lipstick!!



I sort of (re) fell in love with Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks this month… So I decided to compile a list of my favourites… 

  1. Outlawa true brick red. Very flattering on just about every skin colour. I would show you a swatch of Outlaw… but my sister seems to have burgled this from me… the booger… Outlaw KatVonD
  2. Nosferatu besides having a kick ass name, this colour is amazing. Deep, rich, blood red… with hints of brown. The best fall/winter colour around. Boom. Nosferatu KatVonD
  3. Exorcismnot as scary as it sounds. This colour is a deep plum, again very nice for fall/winter. I also think these deep rich colours look AMAZE BALLS on fair skin. Maybe that is why I have so many of them….Exorcism KatVonD
  4. Bow N Arrow– it took me FOREVER to get my hands on this sucker. But my wonderful momma managed (somehow) to gift this to me (mom powers) as a Christmas present and I have been wearing it all over the place. It is a pinky brown, with a wee pinch of terracotta? It is a very unique colour. You gotta try it. BowNArrow KatVonD
  5. Lovesick this colour lives up to it’s name. I loved it the moment I tried it on. It is a soft, dusty pink with hints of lavender. It also combines with Bow N Arrow for THE BEST nude I have ever seen (for my skin anyway). Try it!LoveSick KatVonD
NOTE: Yes, some of the darker colours look streaky, calm down, use a lip liner and you will be fine. I swatched these on my arm without primer, liner, foundation, or any other sort of base.

handy tip to point out with these liquid lipstick is that you can layer them! Lots of the other liquid lipstick I own instantly clump up, flake off and generally look awful as soon as I layer them. Kat Von D has crafted a lovely formula that allows for mixing and mingling of multiple layers of product. 



The first colour is Bow N Arrow mixed with Lovesick. You can really see the terracotta of Bow N Arrow show through. after that, from left to right, is Lovesick, Bow N Arrow, Exorcism and Nosferatu.

What are your favourite liquid lipsticks?

Until Next Time,





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