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Book Club Selections: December

The wise women of my book club decided that for December we should read a thriller. So we chose The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.

December Book Club

Sweet Georgia Mae! This book is INTENSE! 

A page turner from the moment your start reading. I loved it!!! The novel is about a woman in her early twenties that gets abducted for ransom. There are stalkers, suspense, mystery and romance, mind blowing moments and so much more!! That’s all I will tell you about the plot because I can’t give anything away! It’s too good!!! You need to read it!!! 

It is by far, the best book club selection yet!

One thing I liked most about the novel is that the entire story is about Mia Dennett but it is not written in her perspective. It is written from the perspectives of the people around her. Her captor, her mother, the detective working the case. It is brilliant!

You never truly know what is going on inside Mia’s head, you only catch glimpses of it from the people around her. Until the very end!!! Ah! It’s just too good! That’s where the real magic happens. Very unique end, totally caught me off guard . I highly recommend this book. Especially if you are looking for a nail bitter. Two thumbs up for sure!

We have decided on an adventure/true story novel for January. Our next meeting is next week, so if anyone has a suggestion, please feel free to name titles!

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