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Day to Date: Quick and Easy

So you just finished work, or running errands, or classes and now the girls or the guys, or your guy, or your girl want to go out.

Now what?

Don’t worry, I got you!

Here are my simple steps for taking your daytime look to date-night appropriate without taking forever to get there.

Day to Date1

Most important tip! 

Work with whatever base you already have. Touch up any redness or blemishes that may have appeared during the day, and enhance what you’re already rockin’. A good way to freshen up your face is to use a facial mist. It will bring life back into your face (not to mention it’s refreshing!).

  1. Enhance your eyes! I started with The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I used Trick to carve out my crease and give me a transition colourDay to Date Eyes-Trick
  2. I then used Nooner to deepen my socket, concentrating on the outer edges of my crease to make my eyes look bigger. Day to Date Nooner
  3. Next, I placed Factory on the very outer edge of my crease to define my crease even more. Day to Date Eyes Factory
  4. Then I took a combination of Trick and Nooner and buffed that along my lower lash line. This will help open your eyes up as long as you aren’t using a really dark, harsh colour. I finished by using Dust to highlight my lid. I used a flat shader brush to pack that colour on. Day to Date Lower lash and Lid
  5. To finish my eyes I coated my lashes with some mascara and gave myself a winged liner. For my face, I deepened my contour and added a blush to my cheeks. I did nothing to my brows but brush them through. If you need to define and sculpt your brows, by all means, do so!Day to Date Face an Lashes
  6. To finish the look I used a neutral/nude lipstick that was close to my natural lip colour.Day to Date Finished

If you guys try this technique out let me know! I love hearing your opinions and what works best for you!

Until Next time!




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