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Best Primer Ever is a Aftershave Balm?

Everyone has been talking about this Nivea Sensitive Skin Aftershave Balm. Saying it’s the best primer they have ever used. And by everyone I mean all the beauty gurus of youtube.  My thoughts? Yeah right.

Because in my mind, how could a drugstore product meant for men that’s been around for YEARS be better than a primer that was MADE for keeping products on your skin? Not to mention the fact that this is an aftershave balm, which is meant to soothe and close pores after shaving….not help foundation stay put.

Don’t get me wrong, I think men and woman should be able to share beauty products…but I was skeptical about this. Aftershave balm….primer….I wasn’t sure.

So naturally, I had to check it out. Because I’m snoopy, so I bought one.

Nivea Primer

First impression:

  1. Really affordable. The entire bottle is only 10$.
  2. There is a HUGE amount of product. Like 100mls of product in that bottle. A BUTT LOAD!
  3. The packaging is stellar. The bottle is glass. GLASS!
  4. It does smell like an aftershave…. but the smell disappears once you work it into your skin. Not a bad smell either, just generic man smell.
  5. It actually works. Quite well. Very well. Try it.

How does it work?

  • The product is made almost entirely of glycerin, which is one of the main ingredients in primers… because glycerin makes things stick to it… SCIENCE!
  • I poured a small amount into my palm and massaged it into my skin. The trick (they say) is that you have to work it into your skin until it gets tacky, which it does. I wasn’t sure if I would actually know when it turned tacky, but it is pretty obvious.
  • Apply makeup like normal.
  • Be amazed.

To be honest, completely honest, I think it works better than any primer I have ever tried! Ever! Amen!

My foundation tends to break up around my nose, forehead and where my glasses rest on the bridge of my nose (which is hard to avoid because there is an actual object sitting there rubbing on your skin). It also breaks up around my chin/jaw, as I touch my face a lot through the day. I used this product five days in a row, to give it a fair trial.

When I used the aftershave balm, I didn’t have that breakup. My forehead, nose, chin and rest of my face looked flawless. Like I had just done my makeup. And it lasted! Through the day! It still broke up on the bridge of my nose where my glasses sat, but not nearly as bad as it usually does.

I don’t think I will use another primer… I can’t justify spending $20+ on a product that works okay, when this very inexpensive product that you can get literally anywhere, works better. I am on the Nivea Aftershave Balm Bandwagon!


If you would like to hear more about this product, visit my sister’s site:

Have you tried this product? Any thoughts? Love to hear them.

Until Next Time





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